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We Love Pie Too!
Posted on 5. March, 2012

This week is British Pie Week! Everyone here at Crushed Ice loves pies as much as anyone else, but we're not just enthusiastic about your traditional pastry pies this week, we're also extremely excited about pie charts!

The Abuse Of QR Codes In Advertising
Posted on 2. March, 2012

QR codes are now everywhere; in magazine ads, on billboards, on merchandise and even on clothing, to name just a few. And although it's not 100 per cent clear if QR codes are truly understood by the general public, marketers still seem to be taking advantage of, or almost abusing, the use of quick response (QR) codes in a bid to direct people to a purpose - without really understanding consumer behaviour.

Forgotten Valentine's Day? Help Is Here!
Posted on 14. February, 2012

If you've only just realised it's Valentine's Day and therefore haven't presented your loved one with something special yet (until you stop by the garage on the way home!), then help is at hand to 'sweeten' your partner with a 'teaser' gift in the form of an e-card.

Should Police Access Your Data?
Posted on 9. February, 2012

Despite the public demanding better protection against terrorist attacks and criminal acts, a recent survey conducted by YouGov revealed that people are still unwilling for police to access their personal data.

Data Management Up In The 'Cloud'
Posted on 3. February, 2012

With predictions that virtually all data may be managed using cloud computing in the future, it's almost certain that the number of businesses making use of data cabinets hosted by a third-party outsourcer will significantly increase.

Mobile Technology Developers In High Demand
Posted on 31. January, 2012

As the amount of structured and unstructured data being processed by businesses is rapidly growing, the demand for more database skills is also rapidly growing. That's according to a survey from recruitment specialist Robert Half.

Customer Service And Data Quality Are In Two Different Worlds
Posted on 26. January, 2012

There is an obvious disconnect between customer service and its data management but largely because customer service doesn't understand data quality and the IT departments have no clue how to communicate with the customer service departments. So how do they 'join forces' to live in one ideal world?

New gTLD Plans A Security Threat?
Posted on 18. January, 2012

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is now moving forward with plans to expand the number of generic top level domains on the Net.

Dell Launches Next Generation Learning Platform
Posted on 12. January, 2012

In a bid to personalise teaching and learning, and to enable a collaboration both inside and outside the classroom, Dell has unveiled what it calls its Next Generation Learning Platform at the recent BETT 2012 show in London.

Are You The Weakest Link In Data Management?
Posted on 6. January, 2012

As 'they' say, "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link", and according to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), many businesses are risking the security of their data management on one careless employee.

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Crushed Ice Blog Feed RSS
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